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ARRL Submit Logs
Amateur Radio Station K7RL -.- -- .-. .-.. If we worked during a contest, or non-contest, thank you for the QSO! Contesting. ARRL Sweepstakes CW 2018. November 6, 2018 First full-time SS effort in a number of years. Oddly, this is also my first full-time CW bravo entry. Nothing like jumping head first into the deep end of the pool to see


Amateur Radio Contesting Resources and Information
Contest Log Submission. By submitting a log, I certify that I have observed all competition rules, as well as all regulations for Amateur Radio in my country. My report is correct and true to the best of my knowledge. I agree to be bound by the decisions of the ARRL Awards Committee.


Callsign Database by QRZ Ham Radio
Amateur Radio Contesting Resources and Information ***** World Radiosport Team Championship 2022, July 6-11, Bologna, Italy ***** DX Operation Announcements for Forthcoming Contests


Sweepstakes: Yaesu FT-DX101D Package
Worlds Largest Supplier of Amateur Radio, Ham Radio, and Communication Equipment. Sales, Supplies, and Service.


ARRL Sweepstakes CW 2018 – K7RL amateur radio sweepstakes 2018
This is the ARRL Phone Sweepstakes weekend, one of the “big four” events each year (that is, CQ Worldwide, CQ WPX, ARRL DX and ARRL Sweepstakes). The 5-part ARRL Sweepstakes Exchange takes a bit of getting used to: – Serial No. – Precedence (Q/A/B/U/M/S) – [your call sign] – Check – ARRL/RAC Section.


Sweepstakes - arrl.org
Mail a 3"x5" card with your Name, Amateur Radio Callsign, Address, and phone number to GigaParts Sweepstakes, PO Box 11367, Huntsville, AL 35814. The date of your entry will be the postmark date. If you have an entry submitted online for that date, your mailed entry will be discarded. Do not submit more than one Callsign per mailing per day.


The QRZ TS-990S Sweepstakes by QRZ Ham Radio amateur radio sweepstakes 2018
The American Radio Relay League (ARRL) is the national association for amateur radio, connecting hams around the U.S. with news, information and resources. ARRL. Website Search Sweepstakes Participation Pins - 2018 Info.


The mission of the Potomac Valley Radio Club is to promote excellence in radiosport by: PVRC News The PVRC 2018/19 Olympic Winners are: Inter PVRC Sweepstakes Awards - A new program is being rolled out to increase participation on the Chapter level as well as offer a little in house competition.


Ham Radio Contests | Contest Calendar | Electronics Notes
Ham Radio Contests and Contest Calendar Amateur radio contests and contesting are an important feature in the activities of many radio hams. Contests and contesting add a further dimension to amateur radio operating, proving new challenges and interest to the hobby. Some radio hams even run their calendar by when the contests occur.


Scott Davis, K5TA, scottk5ta@gmail.com and Bruce Draper
Welcome to the new ARRL Contests portal - your one-stop shop for all of your ARRL contest interests. From here you can access everything from the starting bell of a contest to your post-event hard-fought certificate of accomplishment.